New cider range for Hush Heath

Engish Terroir has created a new range of Still and Bottle-fermented cider at Hush Heath.Made from apples grown on the Estate and vinified and bottled at the Winery. The ciders are made from pure apple juice , cool fermented in Stainless steel for a wine like character. Bottled in 75 cl bottles and marketed under the Jake’s Tree label.

The Jake’s Tree range from Hush Heath

The still range constists of a pure apple cider bottled in a green burgundy bottle and screw cap and a Strawberry and Blackcurrant friut cider both at 5.4%. The bottle- fermented ciders made in the traditional “champagne method” can be found with nettle and strawberry and blackcurrant , both in clear glass  and mytig corks and at 7.5%

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