Riedel me ree

Riedel glasses await the judges

An interesting range of the wine chattering classes miraculously found their way to Hush Heath Winery to indulge in a Riedel wine workshop tutoured by Herr Riedel himself . The aim was to to find the perfect glass for  two English Sparkling wines. The wines were the newly released Balour 2008 and Chapel Down Pinot Noir -Chardonnay 2006 (both made by Owen Elias ) . Using a process of elimination with raised hands and Austrian statistics the best glass (out of fifteen) was selected for each wine . The still Pinot Noir glass was possibly my favourite for the Balfour, probably in line with the trendy practice of decanting sparkling wine and champagne. The overall favourite was a tulip shaped champagne glass. Interestingly the standard ISO tasting glass performed really badly being eliminated in the first round on each occasion.

No 6 is the Pinot Noir glass, 7 and 8 were quite popular , 7 being the overall winner.

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