Latest Plantings at Hush Heath

Setting up GPS

A further 2.5 ha of vines have been planted at Hush Heath this year. The vineyard is to be known as Middle Stackney Wood, the 3 classic champagne variteies have  been planted in addition to a few hundred Pinot Blanc,Arbane and when we can can get hold of some, Petit Mesilier(old champagne varietals). The rows are aligned North -South at spacings of 2.3×1.2m. The vines were machine planted in the middle of May and the trellis work completed a couple of weeks ago. The dry weather caused some concern but the vines are now well on the way.

Planting Chardonnay - Hush Heath 13th May 2011
Middle Stacney Wood July 2011

Empty Tanks at Nutbourne

Empty tanks are a great sight for the winemaker, the harvest safely in bottle, the annual cycle at an end. A short time for refelection and review before it all starts again in 3 months time. last week the Nutty 2010 was bottled together with a new sparkling rosé made from 100% Pinot Noir and bottled in clear magnums.

On the competition front the 2010 wines Bacchus, Sussex Reserve and Blush were all Silver medal winners at The UKVA wine of the year, more importantly they all taste delicious.The Nutty 2007 (silver) is also drinking very well.

Nutbourne tirage 2011


 The new plantings of Pinot Blanc and Bacchus have grown well this year ,so well in fact that the trellis work is being erected in the next couple of weeks.

Another Nice Pair

UKVA House of Lords 2011
Chris and Nicola Nicholas with winemaker Owen Elias with swag at the UKVA awards 2011

July the 12th saw the annual UKVA Wine of the Year competion awards ceremony at the House of Lords.Sandhurst Bacchus 2009(dry) won The Wine Guild Trophy for best wine from any other vintage, while the Sandhurst Bacchus 2009 (medium) won the Tom Day Trophy for best varietal wine. The wines are ridiculously underpriced (at the moment) and are available at the vineyard , Hoads Farm, Sandhurst ,Kent TN18 5PA if you are passing.

Nutbourne Vineyards won Silver Medals for their Bacchus , Sussex Reserve and Blush 2010 as well as their Nutty 2007 sparkling, all produced and bottled at new Nutbourne winery. Their wines will be available at the forthcoming Glynde English Wine Festival this weekend as well as from the vinyard .


Stills from Hush Heath

 The first two still wines from the 2010 vintage at Hush Heath have been bottled on the newly commissioned line at Hush Heath. First down the line was the 2010 Chardonnay (Skye’s )  a pure terroir influenced Chardonnay , un-fined and un-filtered and un-obtainable. Bottled in clear burgundy with Diam corks and screw-cap . Pale green straw,limpid and viscous, citrus,apple ,herb and salt. Chablis eat your heart out. 

 Nanette’s English Rose which was first made in 2009 makes its 2010 debut ,still unique in its use of the three champagne varieties, a dry , light and refreshing rose soon to be found in an HdV near you.

First tirage at Hush Heath

First tirage at Hush Heath

The first sparking wine to be bottled on the newly commissioned line at Hush Heath took place a couple of days ago. The wine , a Blanc de Blanc is the first white sparkling wine to be made at Hush Heath part of an occassional series of one off exceptional cuvees. Only 1500 bottles are being produced in clear white bottles. The chardonnay picked on the 21st of October 2010 was of the highest quality and 1200 l was held back from the Balfour blend to create this unique and very limited edition. It will probably spend between 2-3 years on its yeast before release , expect no more during this period of purdah.