Stills from Hush Heath

 The first two still wines from the 2010 vintage at Hush Heath have been bottled on the newly commissioned line at Hush Heath. First down the line was the 2010 Chardonnay (Skye’s )  a pure terroir influenced Chardonnay , un-fined and un-filtered and un-obtainable. Bottled in clear burgundy with Diam corks and screw-cap . Pale green straw,limpid and viscous, citrus,apple ,herb and salt. Chablis eat your heart out. 

 Nanette’s English Rose which was first made in 2009 makes its 2010 debut ,still unique in its use of the three champagne varieties, a dry , light and refreshing rose soon to be found in an HdV near you.

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