At a Waitrose near you (Tenterden)

Those of you contemplating making a living selling English Wine to our supermarkets are well advised to wander the isles and take a look at the prices and the offers. Even at English Wine friendly Waitrose the pressure is on. Chapel Down Brut is currently £16.99 as is Ridgeview Bloomsberry 2008 -20% off , Nyetimber  2005 is currently on offer at £22.99   20% off. Ridgeview Fitzrovia (rose) is £22 . CD Brut moves through pretty well anyway(being a bit of a bore I count the bottles when I visit) but unsurprisingly really motors at its £12.99 promotional price which happened 2-3 times last year. Both Ridgview and Nyetimber have been on “promotion” in the last 6 months. On the still front we had a brief visit(I think it was in January) from a very youthful  Bolney Pinot Grigio 2010 £9.99, aside from that, only the usual CD suspects, English Rose, Bacchus and Flint Dry. Interestingly our local Tesco(built after promising to support local produce) has no English Wine and has not had any since putting in a couple of cases sortly after opening,  a generous act never since repeated.

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